Horrific relationship with your boss?
Maybe it's time for a new one
Dread working with your coworkers?
Maybe you need a new team
Passed over for promotion?
Maybe another employer will value your contributions more
Feeling stuck and want a new start?
There's no time like the present
Fatigued from merger hell?
Maybe another employer will be more stable
Overwhelmed with no work life balance?
Take back your life
Stressed from too much work for too little pay?
Maybe it's time for a new job
Anxious about downsizing rumors?
Don't wait for the axe to fall
Lost all passion for your job?
Life's too short to put off your dreams
Frustrated that recruiters ignore you?
Maybe your job search strategy is all wrong
Tired of interviews that lead nowhere?
Maybe your interview skills need some work
Networking isn't working?
Maybe your network needs a reboot

Leadership and Career Strategy Consulting

I’m an internationally-renowned leadership and career strategy consultant.

In-demand strategy leaders turn to me when they are:

  • Committed to taking responsibility for their success
  • Striving to become the great leader they’re meant to be
  • Pursuing their next strategic leadership role
  • Seeking to strengthen their executive presence

I offer leadership and career solutions to help my clients achieve breakthrough performance.

Leadership Strategy

Achieve breakthrough performance by becoming the strategic leader you were meant to be. You’ll improve your communication, thinking, decisions, relationships, leadership, and get more things done. 

Career Strategy

Advance your career by developing your career strategy. I will help you find the right job, advance in your field, or start a completely new career.

Personal Branding

Your personal brand sets you apart and helps employers judge your abilities and cultural fit. I will help you develop your strong personal brand to attract the right jobs, clients, and talent.

What my clients say

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