I Help My Clients Lead
the Digital Future

Chris Sotomayor

Leadership and Career Strategy Consulting

Leadership Coaching

I will help you enhance your leadership and communication skills so you inspire your teams with integrity and clarity of purpose.

Career Strategy Consulting

I will help you market youself for new and better career opportunities both internal and external or help you launch a new career.

Admissions Consulting

I will help you win admissions to your dream school and help your application essays stand out from the crowd to communicate your unique value.

Are You Ready to Lead the Digital Future?

Market your powerful leadership brand

The world’s top employers need leaders of the future more than ever before. However, if the hiring executives at these firms can’t perceive your compelling leadership brand, they will overlook what you have to offer. Don’t miss out on your next great strategic leadership role by failing to convey your powerful leadership brand. I’m devoted to helping my clients with strategic consulting and coaching so they can successfully lead the digital future.