I’m an internationally-renowned leadership and career strategy consultant.

In demand strategy leaders turn to me when they are:

  • Committed to taking responsibility for their success
  • Striving to become the great leader they’re meant to be
  • Pursuing their next strategic leadership role
  • Seeking to strengthen their executive presence

I offer leadership and career solutions to help my clients achieve breakthrough performance.

What sets me apart is:

  • 100% track record of client satisfaction by generating results
  • In 12 years, I’ve helped 3000+ leaders from 90+ countries
  • Advised 100’s of global companies recruiting leadership talent
  • Global experience, including 12 years in Korea and 3 in Singapore
  • Clients include veteran CEO’s and senior leadership teams
  • Former executive recruiter, so I know how  senior talent is assessed
  • 10 years consulting on international projects in technology, strategy, marketing, and finance for firms including McKinsey and Samsung
  • I graduated from Harvard with honors, writing a philosophy thesis on personal responsibility

I work with NYC-based strategy leaders who strive to improve and grow. I love getting results for my clients. They improve their communication, decisions, relationships, and get more done. I also help clients make successful career changes across locations, industries, and roles.

Typical Clients:

  • C-Level
  • Executive/Senior/Vice Presidents
  • Executive/Managing/Directors
  • Senior Managers

The clients who are the best fit for my services are:

  • Tough minded leaders who are committed to achieving their goals
  • Leaders with real-world experience who learn from setbacks
  • Leaders who know that the only way to fail is to quit
  • Leaders who have accountability for themselves, and who are comfortable with ambiguity in internal emotions and thoughts
  • Leaders not interested in hand outs but willing to work with a hand up

My services are not a fit for:

  • People who want safe spaces, or want to feel good about not achieving their goals
  • People without real-world experience who have never experienced failure
  • People who want a handout and want everything given to them without having to work to earn it
  • People who want to focus on the touchy-feely without making practical change
  • People who want to give up instead of staying positive when they experience rejection
  • People who don’t understand that success is earned not owed

The global financial crisis presented me with a chance to reinvent myself. I’ve always had a deep love of learning, and I absorb new information like a sponge. I’m fascinated by the interconnection of ideas and exchanging information with others. I never stop questioning how things might improve.

Living abroad taught me to respect and see the beauty in cultural differences. I lived in Seoul for 12 years and Singapore for 3 years. Both have beautiful and rich cultures it was an honor to experience. It’s a joy to take part in cultural exchange and learn about diverse customs and traditions.

We live in a world beset by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. The only constant is change. Technology evolves faster and faster. Creative destruction and global market disruption have become the norm. Mergers and acquisitions are central to competitive and survival strategies.

Consequently, uncertainty and risk have never been higher.

I help strategy leaders take charge of change.

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