Chris Sotomayor

Chris Sotomayor

I help executives win better job offers. I love hearing their triumph when clients update me on their amazing offers.

Ambitious business leaders turn to me when they are:

  • Committed to taking responsibility for their success
  • Pursuing future strategic leadership roles
  • Striving to enhance their personal and leadership brands

What sets me apart is:

  • Perfect track record of generating results for clients
  • I’ve helped over 3000 professionals from 90+ countries over 13 years, from MBAs to CEOs
  • I’ve advised 100’s of global companies recruiting talent, so I know how they assess leaders
  • Extensive global experience, including 12 years in Seoul, 10 years in NYC, and 3 years in Singapore
  • 10 years consulting on international projects in technology, strategy, marketing, and finance at firms including McKinsey and Samsung
  • Harvard cum laude graduate, honors thesis on free will and personal responsibility

I work with global business leaders hungry for growth. 

I decided to reinvent myself after the global financial crisis. I always had a deep love of learning, and I absorb information like a sponge. I’m fascinated by the interconnection of ideas and exchanging ideas with others. I never stop questioning how things might improve. I’m committed to using my love of knowledge to help others.

Living abroad helps me respect and see beauty in cultural differences. It’s a joy to take part in cultural exchange and learn about diverse traditions.

Our world is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Change is the only constant. Creative destruction and disruption have become the norm. Risks multiply without end.

Our world is vuca, but your career doesn’t have to be.