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How To Improve Your Job Search [Transcript] I’m Chris Sotomayor, a career and executive coach, and I want to answer a question that’s come up to me. I worked with

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The Biggest Career Mistake [Transcript] I’m Chris Sotomayor, an executive and career coach, and I’m responding to a question that was posed to me. The question is, “What’s

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Five Interview Tips for Job Candidates [Transcript] Research Your Interviewer(s) Do your research and find out as much as you can about your interviewer(s). It’s always an advantage to know

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Five Ways to Improve Your Resume [Transcript] I am Chris Sotomayor and I want to talk to you, about how you can make your resume a much more effective self-marketing

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Hey good morning, this is Chris, and I’m responding to a question that came up during a recent training I delivered. The question that was