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How To Improve Your Job Search

How To Improve Your Job SearchI’m Chris Sotomayor, a career and executive coach, and I want to answer a question that’s come up to me. I worked with a lot of clients, and still the recurring number one frustration that I hear from my clients is when they apply to many companies and they hear

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The Biggest Career Mistake

What’s the biggest career mistake?I’m Chris Sotomayor, an executive and career coach, and I’m responding to a question that was posed to me. The question is, “What’s one of the biggest career mistakes that you see your clients make?” and I want to answer that question. The biggest mistake that I see my clients make

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5 Interview Tips for Job Candidates

5 Interview Tips For Job CandidatesResearch Your Interviewer(s)Do your research and find out as much as you can about your interviewer(s). It’s always an advantage to know their background and experience. At the very least, visit their LinkedIn profile to see how long they’ve been with the company and what they might have done before

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5 Ways To Improve Your Resume Effectiveness

5 Ways to Improve Your Resume EffectivenessI am Chris Sotomayor and I want to talk to you, about how you can make your resume a much more effective self-marketing tool. So I’ve been working with hundreds of clients over the past six months, and when I talked to them and ask them what one of

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How to choose between jobs

How to Choose Between Jobs Hey good morning, this is Chris, and I’m responding to a question that came up during a recent training I delivered. The question that was posed to me was: “How should one choose between job offers, if you’re in the situation where you have more than one job offer to

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